Alkanater Tahini 40 Lbs
Stock# AT40L1
  • ALKANATER, established since 1977, is a company specialized in the production of traditional food products such as Tahini (ground sesame seeds), and Halva.
  • Tahini and Halva are manufactured under strict hygienic conditions using the latest technologies that satisfy the company's aim of producing and retaining their superior quality.
  • Tahini and halva have both many health benefits. In fact, their benefits come from the sesame seeds. Tahini is 100% Sesame seeda nd Halawa has 50% sesame seeds as a key ingredient
  • Sesame seed oil is known as the "Queen of oils". This is because it is the most stable oil among all oils. In fact, sesame seed is rich in two antioxidant compounds which give it and its derivatives their health benefits.

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