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  • KVUZAT YAVNE FOOD PRODUCTS is a kibbutz enterprise that was established 60 years ago on Kvuzat Yavne.
  • Throughout the years, the business has kept up its reputation as being the leader in the quality of its pickles in Israel,
  • and indeed in the world, while producing thousands of tons of a wide variety of goods each year.
  • The plant has the ISO 9002 certificate, GMP and FDA approval. All the products are Kosher Lemehadrin all year round,
  • Kosher for Passover with the OU Hechsher and the regular Hechsher of Rechovot Rabbinate,
  • and also Badaz Aidah Charadit of Jerusalem Hechsher.
  • In 1997 the firm opened new facilities, which are run on the most modern technological lines,
  • and includes a highly sophisticated bay for receiving the vegetables and
  • also an ultra-modern olive oil press (cold) for producing high quality olive oil.
  • The whole range of products of KVUZAT YAVNE FOOD PRODUCTS is packed in various sizes, in cans and in jars and includes:
  • Cucumbers in brine and in vinegar, Green olives- Manzanillo, Nuovo di Sicrone, Syrian,
  • also pitted, sliced and cracked. Black olives- natural, black, and marinated in wine vinegar, also pitted and sliced.
  • Pickled vegetables- hot peppers, red sweet peppers, mini-eggplants, green tomatoes, patisons and pickled mushrooms.
  • All this wide range can be purchased from delicatessen stores, the best chain stores and the prestigious food shops.

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